Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Salteydogg Metal Fab in Albuquerque, NM has been running a waterjet since we opened our doors and the reasons why are endless.  We wanted to take a moment to share some of the advantages of using waterjet cutting over alternative methods ... and explain why we're the best waterjet shop in Albuquerque. 

First - What is a waterjet?  Waterjet cutters use a very fine, extremely high pressure stream of water, or water mixed with abrasive material, and CNC control, to cut precise, complex shapes out of almost any material you can think of.

One of the biggest advantages is that there is little to no heat (compared to other methods) generated when cutting.  This prevents materials from burning, melting, warping, or cracking.  Water jet cutting avoids unwanted material stress, while also reducing or eliminating dust and hazardous gas emission.   

The next biggest advantage of water jet cutting is its simplicity.  It can cut in any direction, with minimal fixturing, without the need to change tools.  Parts can be easily nested and the cutting kerf is extremely small, reducing waste.  Given the above, and the fact that actual operation is faster than alternative methods, AND the fact that materials can be stacked and parts can be easily nested, waterjet cutting is FAST!

One stop shop! As mentioned above, there's little or no part deformation from the cutting process. The cuts are extremely precise, so secondary processes are rarely needed to finish parts.    

Another advantage is waterjet’s ability to cut composite materials, such as carbon fiber, which otherwise requires very specialized tooling, making it very expensive.  It can also cut layered materials of different types - the waterjet minds not.   Carbon fiber parts for your drone in no time!  Cut anything, really.  Stone, ceramic, bullet-proof glass, acrylic, fabric, paper, all metals - including very thick metal.

Complex shapes are no problem. Pierce holes, sharp corners and shapes small inner radii are all possible, without multiple tool changes.

Green and Groovy! Waterjet cutting is environmentally friendly-er than other methods.  The process is clean, no hazardous gasses are emitted, and no cutting oils are needed.

Yes, using pure water, you can use a waterjet to butcher a cow, but we're a metal shop, and only cut steaks on the waterjet for the 4th of July.

Want to know more?  Contact Salteydogg Metal Fab in Albuquerque, NM for a free estimate of your waterjet project!  We're your local waterjet expert, with decades of experience and pride in every job we do.

- Salteydogg Metal Fab. 
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Wayne Brooks

Wayne Brooks, the founder and principal of Salteydogg Metal Fab, has thirty-five years of experience in the metal fabrication industry with thirty of those in the Albuquerque area. Wayne was the manager of a large metal fabrication shop in Albuquerque, and has also served as a project manager. He is passionate about working within the local community and has built long standing relationships with local vendors and specialty fabricators. With Salteydogg, Wayne is living his dream. He has made a lifetime passion his own.